Los hechos son el aire del científico

El último artículo de Mario Laborda y sus colaboradores rescata una cita de Pavlov sobre la relación entre teoría y datos que no puedo resistirme a publicar aquí:

No matter how perfect a bird’s wing may be, it could never make the bird air-borne without the support of the air. Facts are the air of the scientist. Without them you will never be able to take off, without them your ‘theories’ will be barren. But when studying, experimenting and observing, do your best to get beneath the skin of the facts. Do not become hoarders of the facts. Try to penetrate into the secrets of their origin. Search persistently for the laws governing them (Pavlov, 1955, citado en Laborda et al., 2012, p. 50).


Laborda, M. A., Miguez, G., Polack, C. W., & Miller, R. R. (2012). Animal models of psychopathology: Historical models and the Pavlovian contribution. Terapia Psicológica, 30, 45-59.

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