Welcome to my website! I work as a senior lecturer at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I have the undeserved honour of coordinating the Cognition, Attention and Learning Lab (CALL). My research interests include different aspects of learning, memory and decision making, with a particular focus on implicit learning and unconscious cognition. I am also interested on meta-analytic methods and meta-research. You can find copies of my papers and links to my research profiles in the Publications tab of this website. I joined UAM in 2016 thanks to a generous fellowship from the madrI+D science foundation. Previously, I had been a PhD student (2001-2005) and lecturer (2005-2012) at Universidad de Deusto, postdoctoral researcher at University College London (2012-2014), and lecturer at King’s College London (2014-2016). I have been visiting researcher at SUNY-Binghamton, UNSW-Sydney, Universiteit Gent, and UCL, and guest lecturer at the graduate schools of Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad de Granada, Universitat Jaume I, Universidad de Nebrija, among others. I am the current president of the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology (SEPEX), board member of the Society for the Advancement of Judgment and Decision-Making Studies (SEJyD) and former secretary of the Spanish Society for Comparative Psychology (SEPC). I am member of the editorial boards of PLOS ONE and Psicológica, and co-editor of the popular science journal Ciencia Cognitiva. I am also member of UAM’s Ethical Review Board. A long time ago, I used to be a science blogger. I haven’t written a post in years, but you can still read my old posts in the last tab of this website (most of them in Spanish only, sorry). I am not terribly active on Twitter, but you can follow me on @mavadillo.